My PC Setup

In my About page I mentioned this blog will be mainly about what my PC setup looks like and how it helps me in the PC platform. I will be going over my specs today, and perhaps talking about what they mean in another post.

My processor is a sixth-generation Intel Core i5 processor, which is one of the two higher end Intel Core Skylake-generation chips out there today. My average chip speed clocks in at right around 3.60 Ghz and that is for the i5.

As for RAM, mine is the new DDR4-powered RAM, and I have 12 GB worth of memory. I initially wanted to keep my usual stack of 16 GB but it got too pricey after considering DDR4 over DDR3. It should be noted that most Skylake-powered desktops will have DDR4 RAM rather than the standard DDR3, and that is due because of its faster rating.

My graphics card is one of my prouder pieces of hardware, as it is the GT 980, one of the latest video cards to date. I was going to splurge on the GTX 980, which is the more powerful version of mine, but since it retails at a price of around $500, I just couldn’t do it. That is especially because my whole setup would have run me a whole $2,500 into the  ground, which I was not willing to do.

To round up my computer, I have some nice liquid cooling setup to chill the computer. Of course, I do not need it right at this moment considering the winter season (seriously, it helps so much that I can turn off my liquid cooling completely and monitor temperatures: my hardware is running  cool as if I had a system to cool it, but really the weather is doing some great things for me)

I will go over some things later on about my setup, but at least now you know what I am running on. I have yet to upgrade my speakers, and my keyboard and mouse are just standard ones you can buy at the store.


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